Ingrid Bjørnov

Ingrid Bjørnov
Ingrid Bjørnov is Norway’s reigning piano comedian. She’s entertained the kingdom for 35 years, and has through her unique musical prowess become a much loved figure.

Ingrid came into the musical limelight in 1980, through the pop duo Dollie de Luxe with childhood friend Benedicte Adrian. The duo released 10 albums, received Spellemann Awards and Gold albums, represented Norway in Eurovision Song Contest, and appeared on the French and Canadian music charts with their extroverted combination of rock and opera. Their opera musical Which Witch was produced in London’s West End in 1992, and in Norway there’s been stagings of their other musicals Henriette VIII (1995), Den syngende frøken Detektiv (2001) and Markus & Julie (2007).

After a couple of years behind the sets as a musical director and arrangor for stage and TV, Ingrid appeared in Norway’s most popular late night radio comedy show; Herreavdelingen.

In 2000 Ingrid made her solo debut as a solo artist and musical stand up performer. She’s made four award winning solo shows and has written three books – amongst them a piano book ”for stragglers and slackers”. She’s an active writer and emcee, and has done two own TV shows – Piano, piano (2005) and Reisen til popstjernen (2011). She also writes materials for other comedians.

Ingrid Bjørnov plays classical music forwards and backwards, she gargles ”O mio babbino caro” in the original key, and she claims Benny Andersson and Edvard Grieg to be the one and the same.

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During tine@munch 2014 Ingrid Bjørnov performs at:
The opening concert, Thursdag 7:30 pm
Late Night Special, Fridag 9:30 pm
TTHQ and guests, Saturday 10:00 pm