Tine Thing Helseth Quintet

Tine Thing Helseth Quintet
Tine Thing Helseth Quintet is a jazz/tango ensemble whose only limitation is that they only perform music they like

That can be everything from Piazzolla's tango to Irish folk tunes, from cabaret to modern Kurt Weill, and maybe even rock if the mood is right. With this as their only limitation the audience get to enjoy an eclectic mix in a fresh presentation

Tine Thing Helseth is the musical leader, and the only member with a classical background. Gunnar Flagstad (piano), Aksel Jensen (double bass), Erik Jøkling Kleiva (drums) og Jarle G. Storløkken (guitar and musical arrangor) all have a background in jazz. And their quintet is about meeting in a musical crossing point, both performance and repertoire wise. But more important still is to enjoy the time on stage and bring the audience on a musical journey. 

TTHQ perform at a regular basis in Noway. They also perform abroad every now and them; 100 Club in London, Chester Festival and a mini tour in Russia being some highlights. In the summer of 2014 they also participate at the Concentus Moraviae International Music Festival in Czech Republic.

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TTHQ has invited selected guest artists, to finish tine@munch 2014 with style: